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Education & Outreach

The Maryland Commission on Civil Rights provides services, information, and training support to agencies and individuals in Maryland. MCCR seeks to provide current and accurate information on issues affecting equal access and opportunity under Title 20 of the State Government Article and Title 19 of the Finance & Procurement Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, in housing, employment, public accommodations and state contracts. Through our Community Outreach & Education program, we offer workshops and seminars to agencies, businesses, and organizations throughout the State.  Training modules that are currently available include:


  • Sexual Harassment Prevention provides interpretations of Sexual Harassment Law, and ways in which employers and employees can benefit from prevention
  • Sexual Orientation Law and Awareness
  • Fair Housing, Employment Discrimination, and Public Accommodations Law
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Private Consultation with Complainants, Respondents to Resolve Problems Relating to Discrimination
  • Consultation on Development of Community Education Programs Aimed at Preventing Discrimination
  • Other training topics may be customized.  Please contact the Education & Outreach Unit for more information.


MCCR training seminars and presentations make use of a variety of teaching and training styles, and run from 1.5 hours to a full day in length. They are designed to be experiential and interactive in order to engage the participants, and can be modified according to your group’s needs. With a mix of small group work, large discussions, brainstorming sessions, role-play, interactive activities and individual reflection, the information is “experienced” rather than “taught.”


Education/Outreach Materials

For more information on MCCR’s Community Outreach & Education program or to make a request, please contact:

Tara Taylor
Education & Outreach Director


Keith Merkey
Education & Outreach Associate