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​​The Maryland Commission on Civil Rights provides services, information, and training support to agencies and individuals in Maryland. MCCR seeks to provide current and accurate information on issues affecting equal access and opportunity under Title 20 of the State Government Article and Title 19 of the Finance & Procurement Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, in housing, employment, public accommodations and state contracts. Through our Community Outreach & Education program, we offer workshops and seminars to agencies, businesses, and organizations throughout the State.  To see the latest upcoming events, click here​.

Training modules that are currently available include:

Civil Rights Leadership Program

The Maryland Commission on Civil Rights Leadership Program (CRLP) is a free four-day academy designed to provide training and insight to emerging leaders by fostering a comprehensive and supportive educational environment wherein program participants will engage with experienced Civil Rights leaders, scholars, and practitioners in order to learn more about career paths and opportunities in the field.

Topics covered will be, but not limited to:
  • Training on Maryland’s Anti-Discrimination Laws and MCCR Enforcement
  • Legal Overview/Investigative Practices
  • Civil Rights Career Forum​

This program is open to scholars currently enrolled at any Maryland college or university with an interest in Civil Rights Leadership, Law, Advocacy, Human Relations, and Equal Employment Opportunity.   For for info, visit​​

Young Scholars Program (YSP)

This three-part series provided targeted workshops for teens and young adults in the areas of employment discrimination, housing discrimination, and public accommodations discrimination. The training sessions were held quarterly  and provides participants with the opportunity to earn up to 24 total service-learning hours. Each training session involved interactive activities, community action, and reflective forums. The training series was tailored to educate Maryland youth about their rights and was appropriate for individuals ages 14–20. 

For more information, email Candice Gray @  or JoVerne Holliday @​​

Know Your Civil Rights


This short educational presentation provides an overview of the services and responsibilities of the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. The information gives audiences a better understanding of civil rights protections in Maryland and includes:

  • The Commission's Purview & Mission
  • Types of Cases Processed & Maryland’s Protected Classes
  • Case Processing & Procedures
  • How to File a Complaint
  • Investigation Info, Current Statistics & Trends
  • Legal Unit Information
  • Education and Outreach Opportunities
  • FAQs

This presentation runs anywhere from 45 - 90 minutes and is tailored for each specific audience.​​

Conflict Resolution


This interactive training workshop examines the role of interpersonal conflict and its’ impact on the workplace. The workshop provides both insight and information on the causes and process of conflict and offers conflict management techniques.

Workshop content includes:

  • Causes of Conflict
  • Cycle of Conflict
  • Conflict styles
  • Case Studies
  • Conflict Management Tools & Techniques

Dimensions of Diversity


​This interactive training workshop provides both information and opportunity to examine and understand the concepts of culture, cultural information and its’ origin, and how it impacts the workplace.

Workshop content includes:

  • ​Key Diversity Definitions
  • Cycle of Information/Misinformation
  • Examining of Cultural Roots
  • Multi-Cultural Communication Awareness​

Disability Issues, Awareness & the Law


This interactive training workshop includes a review of applicable disability-related laws and reasonable accommodations. The workshop also provides relevant statistics and discusses appropriate etiquette, behavior and language when interacting with persons with disabilities.

Workshop content includes:

  • Applicable Laws & Definitions
  • Reasonable Accommodations (requests, documentation, verification of documentation, etc.)
  • Exclusions Under Federal Law
  • Elements of a Prima Facie Employment Discrimination Case & Possible Defenses
  • Current Case Law & Common Workplace Scenarios

Employment Discrimination Prevention


This training provides information regarding preventing employment discrimination within the state of Maryland. Workshop content includes:

  • Applicable Laws & Definitions
  • Possible Defenses for Employers & Remedies for Employees
  • Legal Exemptions/Exclusions
  • Harassment & Retaliation
  • Current Case Law & Common Workplace Scenarios
  • Tips for Preventing Discrimination

Housing Discrimination Prevention


This training provides information on fair housing law and housing discrimination issues. Special interest topics such as senior housing, housing and disability accessibility/accommodations, fair housing in real estate and new construction may also be addressed. Workshop content includes:

  • Applicable Laws & Definitions
  • History of Fair Housing Law
  • Legal Exemptions/Exclusions
  • Possible Defenses and Legal Remedies
  • Harassment & Retaliation
  • Current Case Law & Common Workplace Scenarios
  • Tips for Preventing Discrimination

Public Accommodations/Services Discrimination Prevention


This training provides information regarding preventing discrimination in public accommodations and/or services. The training includes legal definitions, what constitutes a “public” accommodation or services, examples of discrimination, exemptions, defenses, retaliation, as well as remedies for discrimination.

  • Applicable Laws & Definitions
  • Possible Defenses & Remedies
  • Legal Exemptions/Exclusions
  • Harassment & Retaliation
  • Current Case Law & Common Workplace Scenarios
  • Tips for Preventing Discrimination

Race in America: Systemic and Structural Discrimination



This interactive and informative workshop provides a historical and contemporary overview of Race in America in two parts:

Part 1: What is Race? A conceptual framework (2 hours)

Origins of race, racism, history, legal precedence, and philosophical frameworks

Part 2: Systemic and Structural Racism: How does Race operate in American Society? (2 hours)

This course operates to assist participants with understanding the manner in which racism is embedded as a standard practice within society through the lens of employment, housing, government, and uprising. This segment includes a module on best practices and equity-based approaches toward reform. Part 1 is a prerequisite.

This is a lecture/webinar style presentation. Topics covered include but are not limited to: key definitions and statistics, biological conceptions of race, indentured servitude, chattel slavery, white supremacy, cultural labor, disenfranchisement, stereotypes, prejudice, riots, implicit bias, micro-aggressions, restorative and reparative approaches to equity and inclusion, and novel conceptions of diversity.​

Investigating Complaints of Discrimination (4 hours)


​This learning module provides EEO and Human Resources professionals with prefatory knowledge and skills to support the investigation of complaints of employment discrimination. This interactive course includes an overview of the MD Title 20 laws and protected classes, charge intake and investigative processes, as well as sample theories of discrimination and elements of proof. This course does not provide legal advice and is not meant to be a certification course. ​

Religious/Spiritual Awareness, Accommodation & the Law


This interactive and informative workshop provides a current review of applicable Maryland law on the issue of religious accommodation in the workplace, current cases, and possible defenses. The session will included relevant statistics, discussion and information on religious/spiritual practices that may impact the workplace.

Workshop content includes:

  • Key Definitions and Statistics
  • Religious Accommodations, the Law, and Defenses
  • Workplace-Related Information on the Major Religious Groups in Maryland
  • Workplace Case Studies

Sexual Harassment Prevention


This workshop begins by focusing on current Maryland law as it relates to sexual harassment. The workshop will also concentrate on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace as well as what to do if and when it does occur.

Workshop content includes:

  • Applicable Laws
  • Definition and Types of Sexual Harassment
  • Examples and Case Studies of Sexual Harassing Behavior
  • Dealing with Sexual Harassment
  • Employer Liability/ Damages

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity


This engaging training workshop highlights current information regarding sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination law in Maryland. The workshop also provides information on the basic concepts, definitions, and issues that may arise in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Workshop content includes:

  • Definitions
  • Applicable Laws
  • Kinsey Scale of Sexuality
  • Orientation and Identity Issues
  • Orientation and Identity in the Workplace

LGBTQIA Safe(r) Spaces


This workshop is designed to help people reduce the often unwelcoming and even hostile environments in which Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Transgender, Intersex, and Asexual/Ally (LGBTQIA) people navigate in their daily lives. From the classroom bully to the unintentional exclusion by use of certain language, LGBTQIA people frequently find themselves excluded and uncomfortable in many situations. Using a hands-on approach, participants will examine their role and responsibility in creating a more welcoming environment at work, school, and civic or social organizations.

Workshop objectives include:

  • Participants will be able to identify sources of unwelcoming behaviors in a variety of settings.
  • Participants will learn to dispel negative stereotypes and develop a set of strategies to create more welcoming environments for LGBTQIA people.
  • Participants will become more familiar with and comfortable in using LGBTQIA-inclusive terminology.
  • Participants are provided the opportunity to commit to being an ally by displaying a Safe(r) Spaces Sticker.

Training sessions are offered in 3 hour segments. Workshop booklets are provided for each participant.


The Maryland Equity and Inclusion Leadership Program


​A partnership between the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights and the University of Baltimore Schaefer Center for Public Policy, the Maryland Equity and Inclusion Leadership Program (MEILP) aspires to develop, engage, and support current and emerging leaders from private, public, and nonprofit sectors who are interested and committed to helping their organizations become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive at various levels.

You can access more information about MEILP or add your name to the interest list for the program by clicking here​.

Additional Resources:

Maryland Equity and Inclusion Leadership Program Informational Brochure​​
​ ​​

​​Education/Outreach Materials

For more information on MCCR’s Community Outreach & Education program or to make a request, please contact:

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