Maryland Public Information Act Requests

​To file a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) request, please address correspondence to:

Glendora C. Hughes, General Counsel
Maryland Commission on Civil Rights
6 Saint Paul Street, Suite 900
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-1631

With your MPIA request, please include a charge number (EEOC/HUD/MCCR) and a copy of a bill of complaint filed with a court of jurisdiction. Please also identify your client in your request.

This bill of complaint is necessary to satisfy MCCR's confidentiality clause contained in State Government Article, §20-1101, Annotated Code of Maryland. This law requires that the contents of an investigative file (and even the existence of a complaint of unlawful discrimination) must be protected from public disclosure "...until the matter reaches the stage of public hearings". The only exception to this is if both the Complainant and Respondent agree in writing to the Commission to the disclosure of information contained in the investigative file.
Fees are 25 cents per copied page plus postage (if mailed). Invoices will be mailed and must be paid in full before the file will be released to the requesting party.

Questions can be directed to the Office of the General counsel at 410.767.8576.